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Votive – FATEA Magazine Review

‘Votive’ is American singer-songwriter Paul Seeba’s third album, following on from ‘Mitchell Yards’ which became the soundtrack for a PBS documentary that was awarded a regional Emmy for cultural relevance in 2015, and then 2017’s ‘Republic of Kinney’ which I reviewed for Fatea at the time and remember greatly enjoying the organic, earthy feel to this record.

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The Republic of Kinney – FATEA Magazine Review

"This record is full of well-written songs that take on some profound topics, but never at the expense of accessibility or a decent tune! It's all recorded with an organic, earthy feel that for me conjured up that delightfully shambolic sound of early Bob Dylan and...

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Q&A with Americana-UK

24 June 2016Rudie Humphrey Paul Seeba is a singer/songwriter who lives in St. Paul (originally from Hibbing) with his wife and two daughters. He is also a student of history and a teacher of it. This background comes out in his lyrics and music. He plays live as a...

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